BeMC Marathon postponed till 2017

We regret to announce that we have the first edition of the bemc marathon will not continue on Sunday, 7 August 2016 but is to be moved to a another date to be determined, in 2017.
We are definitely not about for a long time in taking this decision, but after due consideration, we are of the opinion that we are now, mainly due to a lack of bids, not the high level of organisation that can be expected of such event can guarantee . Instead of a game to deliver that can’t hold a candle to the quality that one of us is used, we prefer to opt for the project a while back in the fridge to stop, after evaluation of what the causes for the lesser success can In 2017, with a new slate of start to go to the bemc marathon, just like the last several days, a top event.
However, we would like to use this opportunity to make all those who have already registered for the bemc marathon to thank you for the trust (they will be in the course of next week to get more info all by mail). Our thanks also goes out to all our sponsors and partners, and in particular the municipality bertrix.
See you in 2017!We regret to announce that the BeMC Marathon will not take place on Sunday 7 August 2016 in and around Bertrix, but will be postponed to a later date in 2017.

It was not an easy decision to make, but after careful consideration, we concluded that for the moment, primarily due to a lack of entries, it is impossible to guarantee the high level of organization one may expect from an event such as the BeMC Marathon. Rather than delivering a mediocre race, we prefer to put the project on hold for a while and, after evaluation, start over in 2017 to make the BeMC Marathon a top level event such as the BeMC Stage Race.

We would however like to express our thanks to all those who already registered for their trust in us (we will contact all of them next week with more information). We also would like to thank our sponsors and partners, especially the city of Bertrix.

See you in 2017!

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