BORN new BeMC sport nutrition partner

To successfully finish a race like the Belgian Mountainbike Challenge powered by Specialized, you not only need to be in top shape and have a good bike, but you also have to make sure you remain well hydrated and take in enough energy to keep performing.

Since the first editions, the BeMC is known for it’s excellent and extensive feedstations and this won’t be different in 2017. From this year on there will be four feedstations per stage where riders can refuel. In addition to a wide range of fruits, cakes and other delicacies, there will also be energy bars and gels available. We are pleased to welcome BORN as our new sportsdrinks and nutrition partner.

The mission statement of this Dutch based company is the development and marketing of high-quality products that contribute to sportive health, experience and top performances in a natural and ethical way for everyone who holds onto a healthy and active lifestyle.

Performance of the product and the athlete are equally important. The result: BORN ensures more pleasurable sportive experience!

“Just like us, BORN garantees the best quality and has strict quality standards. Their bars are easily-digested, gels easy to drink and sports drinks well tolerated by the stomach and not too sweet. In other words, ideal to survive three days of BeMC”, explains organizer Koenraad Vanschoren the choice for BORN, “we are thus happy to have found with BORN a partner who is willing to go for a long term commitment”.

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