BeMC 2017 – race briefing

In one week, the sixth edition of the Belgian Mountainbike Challenge powered by Specialized will start in La Roche-en-Ardenne. Below you can find some useful information regarding the race.
The BeMC consists of the BeMC UCI and the BeMC Open.
The BeMC UCI is limited to riders with an Elite or U23 license. The BeMC Open is accesible to everybody without an elite or U23 license (non-license holders included). Within the BeMC Open, there are five different categories. 
Riders in the BeMC UCI will get a yellow number board, riders in the BeMC Open a black one.
The numbers are assigned as follows:
  • BeMC UCI Men → numbers 1 to 99
  • BeMC UCI Women → numbers 101 to 199
  • BeMC Open Men 20 : men younger than 30 → numbers 201 to 299
  • BeMC Open Men 30 : men from 30 and younger than 40 → numbers 301 tot 499
  • BeMC Open Men 40 : men from 40 and younger than 50 → numbers 501 tot 699
  • BeMC Open Men 50 : men older than 50 → numbers 701 to 799
  • BeMC Open Women → numbers 801 to 899
*To determine the category, your age on 31 december 2017 will be taken into account.
If you are entered in the wrong category, please let us know as soon as possible. If you entered in the wrong category, you can change this at registration after paying a administrative cost of 10 €.
Start package
You can pick up your starting package at Hotel Floreal (Avenue de Villez 6, La Roche-en-Ardenne) on Thursday 11 May between 19h and 21h and on 12 May Friday between 9h and 10h30. There are several different lines. Please pick the right one. 
Every starting package contains three drinking tickets and one voucher for the pasta party on Sunday 14 May after the finish. Please check if you got them. NO tickets will be distributes afterworths.  
All licensed riders must show their license at registration. Who does not have a valid license and did not note this at the entry form, must pay 15€ for a day license.
Starting procedure and course information
Attention: the start of stage one will take place in the centre of La Roche-en-Ardenne (in front of the tourist office) at 11h. There are signs from the hotel to the start (about 1 km). Please be there on time. The boxes open 20 minutes before start.
The startboxes are organized as follows:
BeMC UCI startbox 1 (yellow number boards): 
  • Elite Men (numbers 1 to 99) 
  • Elite Women (numbers 101 to 199) 
BeMC OPEN startbox 1 (black number boards): 
  • Numbers 201 – 210 (Men < 30)   
  • Numbers 301 – 310 (Men < 40)
  • Numbers 501 – 510 (Men < 50)
  • Numbers 701 – 705 (Men > 50)
  • Numbers 801 – 805 (Women)
Reigning champions MTB XCO and XCM (amateur or master) and former BeMC wimmers (Masters or FUN B) may take place in this startbox. The names of these riders will be hung out at registration and at the startbox.
BeMC OPEN startbox  2 (black number bords):
All other riders on a first come, first served bases.
We would like to point out that the first climb is almost 2 km on asphalt, so you will have plenty of time to overtake.
License holders are reminded that XCS races, such as the BeMC, are ranked as XCO with the UCI. Only national champions XCO may wear their jersey.
All information on the stages and the exact location of the tech/feedstations can be found on You will also find this information in the roadbook that you will find in your starting package. You can download the gps-files here. 
We would also like to remind you that riding on trails is not allowed in Wallonia without proper authorization. Please do not ride the stages outside of the BeMC!
There is a parking for all participants in Rue du Lavoir, close to hotel Floreal (NO camping allowed).
Other practical information
There will be a professional bike-wash, equiped with Squirt cleaning products near the finish.
Specialized will be the official and exclusive Tech Partner. Small repairs will be offered to all participants, while bigger repairs and spare parts are offered at cost. 
Participants are advised to bring special parts, such as derailleur hangers, spokes and brake pads, themselves. Specialized will be present both on the road in the tech and feed station and at the start and finish.
You can get a real sport massage from Sportservice Linssen against a small fee.
There is a bike park at the hotel. Every participant can park his bike here. The room is guarded during the night (between 22h and 8h). To safely park your bike here during the day, please bring a lock.
Sportograf will again be taking beautiful pictures of all participants during the three days. You can find these after the race via this link
Good luck and see you on Friday!

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