BeMC 2021 cancelled

Under normal circumstances in 36 days the battle would have started to conquer the first leader’s jerseys in what should have been the postponed 9th edition of the Belgian Mountainbike Challenge.
But nothing can be called normal anymore since March 2020. Nobody, and certainly not us, expected that when, a little over a year ago, we were forced to postpone the BeMC 2020 by one year, the 2021 edition would also be uncertain.
For a long time, we really believed  that the BeMC 2021 could start on May 20 and have done a lot of work in recent weeks and months to not only offer everyone the perhaps most beautiful course in BeMC history, but also to be able to run a corona safe race.
Unfortunately, the corona numbers have decided otherwise and today it is time to face the painful reality. The measures that are still in force in Belgium and the lack of perspective on less strict rules that would allow us to organize an event such as the BeMC made us decide, just under 13 months after the BeMC 2020 was postponed to 2021, to also cancel the 2021 edition. This time we use the word cancel and do not want to talk about a second postponement like so many others. When the BeMC 2022 arrives, this will be a completely new edition and no longer the postponed version 2020 or 2021.
Of course, the entry fee of everyone who was registered for the BeMC 2021 will be refunded. For further details in this regard, we refer you to a future newsletter as well as to the website where all details will be available in the course of next week.
We would like to end by thanking everyone who was registered for the 2020 and 2021 editions, but also all those for whom there was no longer a place this year and who ended up on the long waiting list, for their confidence. The same goes for all our loyal partners. Without your support, we would have thrown the towel much earlier.
We will be back!

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