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Do you prefer using the time between stages for resting instead of fixing and cleaning your bike? Or do you simply don’t like cleaning bikes? Than we have, in coöperation with Eric Van Sande, the ultimate solution for you! The new Bike Service allows you to do nothing but ride your bike. You can leave the maintenance to professionals. 

How does it work?

– You can order the Bike Service as an option during online registration

– straight after your arrival, you can hand your bike over to the service post near finish.

– Your bike will be taken care of by a professional:

  • your bike gets fully cleaned
  • a visuals control will be performed to look for problems (wear down brake pads, bad chain, bad sprocket, etc…)
  • the full drivechain will be dried and lubricated

– In just 15 to 20 minutes your bike will be ready to pick up. If we notice something wrong, you will of course be informed and you can go to Specialized to get it fixed.

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Three full services (on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) : 45 €

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